Build Informed Patient Advocacy Partnerships

The first and only off-the-shelf software solution designed for life science industry professionals to navigate the patient group universe with ease

Get notified on activities that matter to you

Don't let hundreds of unread newsletters pile up in your inbox. Whether you're focused on research or market access, let zebricks cut through the noise and deliver real-time actionable updates from patient groups straight to your inbox.

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Map patient group stakeholders in seconds

Save hours of desk research and money spent on agencies with zebricks by gaining immediate visibility into patient groups that align best with your business objectives.

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Surface co-creation opportunities you never considered

Don't let patient groups active in your disease area slip through the cracks. Zebricks unlocks new co-creation opportunities by uncovering patient groups not on your radar.

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Our Users

Advocacy Relations

Build long-term and meaningful relationships with the right patient groups

Market Access

Align yourself with patient groups advocating and lobbying for better access to care

Clinical Trial Recruitment

Integrate patient groups open to research opportunities in your clinical trial design and recruitment strategy

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